Our Team

  • All trained with in-house product, material handling equipment (M.H.E.) course and at least 2 weeks of on site installation training to acquire technical know-how of various storage systems.
  • Able to identify your storage needs through your work flow and provide solutions that meet your requirement.


  • Experienced in material handling system and storage layout.
  • After sales team briefing, design and technical team will study and analyze the physical layout of the site and design the required storage systems which adheres to occupational health and safety and environmental legislation as well as codes of practice.
  • Ensure the efficient utilization of space and the load capacity of the system.


  • Well-trained through rigorous trainings conducted in-house as well as by external parties. External parties include those appointed by the Government and certificates are awarded.
  • Risk assessments and safety briefings are conducted every day prior to the commencement of work.
  • Team leaders are trained to understand customers’ requirement and co-ordinate with the ground staff to minimize disruption to your daily operation.


  • With our own installation team, we are able to provide customers fully backed after sales services such as Quarterly Inspection at no cost, and ‘Free Man Hours’.
  • Free Man Hours are given to customers for future re-location, repair and modification of storage systems subjected to terms and conditions.