Affordable Boltless Shelving is ideal for storing bulky boxes or packaged items. It can carry up to 440 KG U.D.L per shelf. Boltless shelving is easy to install and requires no tools, consisting of upright post, beams, steel shelves and shelves bracket. Extension bays joined to the starting bay, sharing the common upright post to reduce cost. Modular construction enables expansion easily in the future. Standard upright posts height are 2000mm, 2400mm and 3000mm. Customize size are available upon request.

Mid Bracket
Upright Post
Beam Connection
Rubber Footing

Longspan shelving system is ideal for warehouse and stores when there are many different products / SKU in variable quantity, awkward or bulky items and record storage. Generally design for manual handling of small to medium size loads. Longspan can also be designed for single, multi-tier or high rise applications. A comprehensive range of frames and beams accommodates a wide range of loading and storage requirements and is complimented by a choice of shelving materials which can be specified to meet specific needs. The beams are easily adjustable at a pitch of 50mm. The modular construction enables easy expansion in future.

Steel Panel Decking
Base Plate Assembly
Row Spacer
Bracing Assembly
MDF Board or Playwood Decking
Back Mesh
Back Panel