Drive-In / Drive-Thru

Drive-In / Drive-Thru pallet racking systems are a cost effective solution to high density storage. This system has pallet support rails running the depth of the racks for pallet placement. Eliminating aisles produces a higher storage density at the expense of selectivity. Each pallet is supported so damage from crushing is eliminated. Speed can be further increased by the provision of lead-in rails and guide rails within the lanes. This systems offer up to 85% floor space utilization.

Drive-In; Load and unload from the same side, creating a LAST- IN- FIRST- OUT (LIFO) storage system.

Drive-Thru; Load from one side and unload from the other side, creating a FIRST- IN- FIRST- OUT (FIFO) storage system. M.H.E. can enter from either side. This is an excellent option for freezers, providing low cost bulk storage along with guaranteed stock rotations.